Treorchy Rascals
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Treorchy Rascals

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1.) Wed 28th February 2024
2.) Wed 7th March 2024
3.) Wed 14th March 2024
4.) Wed 21st March 2024
5.) Wed 10th April 2024
6.) Wed 17th April 2024
7.) Wed 24th April 2024
8.) Wed 1st May 2024
9.) Wed 8th May 2024
10.) Thurs 16th May 2024 = End of Year Party 

4:15-5:15 at Treorchy Comprehensive School 

- Rascals/Rhondda Netball T-shirt (these can be purchased @


We know this block booking format for payment is different to our junior provision (Under 9's - Under 15's) but it is the same as our 16+ provision. We simply couldn't continue with the old "bring £# on the day" for this provision because we really struggled throughout 2021/22 in terms of getting the right number of Community Coaches & Role Models allocated to each Rascals session. As parents will know, there needs to be a greater leader:child ratio with Reception and Years 1 & 2, but allocating leaders became an impossible job for us at times as numbers for this programme, despite activities running INDOORS, were GREATLY affected by the WEATHER, often leading to us having too many leaders or not enough e.g. a sunny day could see 40+ participants and a rainy day the following week sub-20. It became impossible to plan for, but this block booking format allows us to prepare accurately and effectively. We trust parents understand this change so that we're able to get our leader:child ratios spot on.

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