U17 Package
Rhondda Netball

U17 Package

Regular price £51.50

This includes 
Representative League Entry Fees (A470)
Representative Umpiring Fees
Representative Training Fees
All Coaching
Representative Strength & Conditioning Training Sessions
Representative Nutrition Plans

FREE RN Exclusive Representative Fleece
FREE RN Water bottle
FREE RN Lanyard
Photo shoot with Squad/Individual

1st instalment deadline 20th July 2018*
2nd instalment deadline 28th August 2018
3rd instalment deadline 31st October 2018
4th instalment deadline 31st January 2019

*refunds on the first instalment can be made anytime until 27th August 2018. All payments after this date are non-refundable as commitments for the entire 2018/19 season need to be confirmed on 28th August 2018.


Rhondda Netball